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Illness, the catalyst for change

One of the most powerful lessons I have learned in my lifetime is that illness, and in fact any kind of personal calamity or emotional suffering, can be a catalyst for great change.
Some of your darkest hours could turn out to be some of your most incredible life experiences just by going into the experience fully and not distracting or hiding yourself from it. You have the power to grow and to find out who you really are believe it or not from within the depths of some of your deepest sufferings, depending on how you handle it.

It can be incredibly shocking to get the news that you have an illness, or the slow dawning that you cannot conceive a baby on your own, or keep a pregnancy.  It is almost impossible for other people  not going what you are going through to understand just exactly how deep those feelings of frustration and powerlessness can go. It can consume your days and nights, while you spend long hours on the net researching every possible cause, cure and solution to your problems.

I cannot tell you how many times in clinic I hear stories of people who ‘finally let go’ of trying and fell pregnant.. or who changed their diet or daily habits (started laughing more or changed their jobs)  and resolved their cancer or other health problems. Or who faced their heartbreak and accepted it, who went within and dealt with it without hiding from the pain and grew exponentially as a result.

In my own journey I have experienced incredible inner bliss after a heartbreak or illness, by going within and just facing it!

I have experienced illness, acute and chronic, debilitating and life threatening, some took longer than others to find that sweet bliss after, but the degree to which I experienced the bliss was the degree to which I was able to let go of my wish for the problem to not exist, and go into the moment. I’m not saying the pain will go away, or the problem instantly resolve, or that we should invite suffering. But I am saying that if it is there anyway, go into it, and see if you can’t find that pearl, of wisdom, or that treasure of the feeling of being connected to your inner self. You will be amazed at how things can change externally once you have really gone there.


In the words of Indian mystic Meher Baba: ‘A perennial spring of imperishable sweetness is within everyone’. We can tap into that sweetness that is within us, and sometimes suffering, whether it be acute  or chronic, can be a door opened into the inner self that just takes that extra veil off, don’t be afraid to climb in and see what is in there.If you have ever experienced a positive experience or amazing sense of wellbeing  or transformation during or after a bout of suffering, please leave a comment below, I’d love to hear about it, and I’m sure your experience can help or inspire others also.Namaste and Love, Y’all!Sage xxxx