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Your Precious Life!

‘What will you do with your one wild and precious life?’ -Mary Oliver

  • So what WILL you do with your one wild and amazing life?
  • How will you deal with your health?
  • What food will you eat? What places will you see? What will you do with your time every day?
  • Will you make choices that will optimise your experience in this body?

Congratulations and welcome to my little Health Hub… you being here shows me that you care about your health and believe in your wildly precious you.

When I first discovered a few years ago that I had Hashimoto’s, I was pretty shocked as I had never really had an illness before. I went trawling through text books and into a state of panic where I was desperate for any information- Eastern, Western, modern, traditional, scientific, spiritual, diet related, you name it. This has been an amazing journey and I will share a lot of what I learned in that journey here. I have managed my illness 100% naturally, with no drugs or hormones, and my hormones have remained in the normal range for the nearly 4 years  since (although I still have antibodies. Working on that one. I am told they are permanent but we shall see!).

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I will be interviewing people, reviewing amazing books that have helped me along the way and discussing all things health and happiness related (not mutually exclusive!)

Look forward to seeing more of you soon! Remember to sign up, y’all! :)

Namaste and love,

Sage xx