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Can I manifest a baby?

“Don’t let a mad world tell you that success is anything other than a successful present moment.” 
-Eckart Tolle


marigoldbellyThere is a lot of talk these days (in my circle at least) about the power of intention, prayer, and manifestation. We know that if we work diligently, keep our eyes focused on our goals, and clear some of our internal inhibitions that may be keeping us from achieving our dreams in life, that we can usually achieve our goals- we can do what we love for a living, and have amazing careers and even material wealth. And maybe even the ideal partner. We just have to decide first.

In my clinic I see people who have achieved much of the above, who are happy with their lives, careers and relationships… but when they went to try for a baby, it just didn’t happen. 

The level of grief, shock and frustration experienced over being unable to conceive when expected can barely be grasped unless you or a loved one has gone through this.

It’s deep, it’s primal. It’s painful,  it’s frustrating, and it’s frightening.

In my clinic I have seen some amazing stories, as well as some heartbreaking ones, of fertility dreams come true and it reminds me of an old saying I’ve heard (but am having trouble sourcing).. that prayers are answered, or dreams are achieved, in one of three ways:


I have had patients in all 3 categories when it comes to having a baby:

  • I have had patients in the first category, fall pregnant at the age of 43 after years of trying and only a few weeks of acupuncture and never make it to IVF.


  • I’ve had patients in the second category, who are diligent, do what it takes, sometimes give up, and then fall pregnant when least expected or even shortly after a course of treatment is complete.


  • I have had patients and know people in the third category– who tried everything but could not conceive naturally or with IVF for several cycles- and who eventually opted for donor egg, donor sperm, adoption or even a surrogate.

bellyAfter observing clients and friends with their donor egg or adopted babies I know for sure that there is no difference in the love they have for that baby or one that they had conceived themselves. 

Prior to the 3rd option, there probably needs to be some acceptance, some grieving, and some letting go of how you thought it was all meant to be. Sometimes during this last process, the first option is suddenly and unexpectedly achieved. Biological babies are conceived after adoption goes through or a donor embryo transfer, I kid you not. (I could write a whole blog post on this subject.. and in fact, I think I will soon!! Stay tuned!)

But yes.. I do believe we can all achieve our dreams, in one way or another. In health, in life, and with fertility as well.

So I would say have faith, open your heart, trust in your own way forward, and know that whatever happens, you will feel joy, and find perfection in your own story, if you do your best in every way you can and then surrender to the process and be incredibly present in yourself and this moment. Like we all have to do when achieving our dreams or goals.

Namaste and Love,

Sage xoSage