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Creating New Life


I just found a note in my phone that I wrote over a year ago (early 2015) about a beautiful patient I met who had been refused treatment by IVF clinics and in fact had been told that there is nothing that can be done for her and that she would never have children.

She conceived within 2 months of the first consult, now has a 9 month old baby and we are working on helping her have her 2nd!

Here is the note in full:

April 2015.

I met a very inspiring girl yesterday. She reminded me of why I do what I do for a living.

She had been passed from Dr to Dr as a truly confounding case that has defied Western medical treatment and testing for causes.

I asked her a couple of simple questions as per my usual consult routine and saw the light go on in her eyes as were able to make sense of how her string of symptoms connect from a Chinese medicine point of view.


I’m not saying that means we will be able to cure her- and I was honest with her that it could take time to heal- but I felt hope. I felt that given her history and the nature of the onset of her condition, that we had hope for improvement at the very least and the possibility of eventual conception.

The joy in her face at feeling recognised and not looked at as a lost cause was forever and about the exact reason why I work in the industry I do, and continue to see difficult cases.

I look forward to the journey forward with her and her beautiful willingness to try on any suggestions.

I felt that every time I spoke, an answer was being reflected for her, it was just a beautiful, symbiotic process.

She is a blank canvas full of beautiful promise.

She is a painting of new life ready to fill in the brush strokes and not resist the process.

She taught me that sometimes at our most vulnerable we are at our most beautiful.