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Happy Christmas and yes.. Santa is real!


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Christmas is upon us, and with it much joy and expectation. It is a time of year where family emotions can run high on both the positive and not so positive spectrum.

On every card and social media meme I see the words JOY lit up with tinsel and lush red ribbons and reindeer and pretty lights reflected in the snow.. and it makes me feel all magical inside.

Reminds me of childhood, and that beautiful feeling of going to bed knowing that SANTA was going to climb over our roof and through our verandah window (growing up in Australia, and living in a wooden house on stilts, there was no chimney!).. and awaken to colourfully wrapped abundance the next morning, and an unusually buoyant and loving mood among family members.

As I grew older I was a bit perturbed to realise that Santa wasn’t real after all. Until I realised something.. the
FEELING of Santa IS real.


The feeling of magic, and colour and unity, they all ARE real.. and if we can create that feeling once a year we can create it in everyday life, if our focus is on love and giving to others, and believing in an abundant world.


We certainly don’t have to go out giving each other presents all day long, but hey, why not occasionally, just give each other little love presents during the year.. sometimes a gift can be as little as a smile to a stranger, or helping some poor sod out on the bus. Or buying a friend a little card or sending a loving text to someone you haven’t seen in a while.


With  and a deep, abiding believe that we are all ultimately ONE (whether that’s an appealing prospect or not:), I wish you a Merry Christmas and an Incredible New Year!! 


These colourful heart-inspiring stones are available for purchase from

 I have used these beautiful soul-candy stone pics with permission from the owner,
find her on Facebook ‘soul candy company‘- she makes my day with her colour, love, inspiration and artistic creations. Big Love! :):)