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I have a dream.

And I have a dream for you.

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I want to help you have your baby and become proud parents.

I love doing acupuncture.

I love doing herbal medicine.

I love working with IVF support and supporting you in your chosen journey in any way I can.

But sometimes I want more time with you.
Sometimes we get into discussions during our brief time in clinic and I wish we had longer to talk and get into it.

To discuss diet. To discuss why Mary and Jo were finally able to conceive when they got to the end of their journey and decided to adopt.

To discuss how unfair it all is.

To talk more about the mind’s effect over the body. To talk more about how stress affects fertility.

To talk about random success stories and how hope can happen anywhere any time. Often with vigilant effort, sometimes from letting go.

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Since I was 14 I loved babies and wanted to attend births. I started studying acupuncture at 19. I wanted to specialise in Gynaecology from day one. I am now 43.

This is my passion, to help bring more babies into the world peacefully, happily, joyfully. I want your journey to parenthood to be one of hope, sweetness and love.


Not one of fear and uncertainty.


I want to help you eliminate whatever has been blocking you so far. Be that helping you to restore energy to your body’s core, helping you to approach changes to lifestyle, and finding ways to improve monthly disappointments and feelings of despair and fear of being patient along the journey.

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(Video shared from ‘Koonyum Range Retreat’ Youtube channel)

I am so looking forward to spending this incredible time with you, helping you to realise your dreams of being parents and turning what can be a deeply stressful and fearful time into one of personal growth and transformation.

Namaste and Love.

Sage :)


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